The bold, beautiful art and design by Julia Krone is composed with decorative, lyrical vision.

Woman Seated, Joan Miro

“I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music. .. a picture must dazzle like the beauty of a woman or a poem. It must have radiance; What I am seeking is a motionless movement, the eloquence of silence.

Joan Miro

After such a strange and surreal year, we all need a dazzling dash of colour in our lives to lift the spirits and Julia Krone exudes free-flowing energy and spontaneity in her vibrant artwork with a delightful, decorative aesthetic.

Originally from South Africa she enjoyed a showbiz lifestyle performing as a jazz singer before moving to the UK in 2007. She studied at the Edinburgh College of Art and has now developed a successful career specialising in painting, print-making, textile design and collage at her Georgian home-studio-gallery in the New Town.

Julia Krone’s ‘Dream Catcher’ collection was selected to be shown at the B gallery, Paris in December 2020, to offer a sense of hope after lockdown, and described as comparable to the iconic Waterlily paintings by Monet.

This evocative image was also used to promote Nelson Mandela Freedom Day by the Turbine Art Fair in Johannesburg last year.

Art from this series includes Dream Catcher 1, a finely crafted, kaleidoscopic pattern, combining pointillism dots, zigzag lines and meandering rows of flagstones, like taking a walk through a garden of trees and flowers.  An ethereal view through a window suggesting a welcome escape from the harsh realities of life.

Dreamcatcher I, Julia Krone

This iconic painting is available as a signed Fine Art Print, beautifully framed in an elegant white display box (25 x 25 cm) with a perspex front, a limited edition of 400 prints. Also as a Limited Edition Fine Art Print on German Etch Paper, in various sizes available from the online shop.

By definition, a “dream catcher” is a protective talisman that is used to protect people from nightmares, with a charm traditionally hung above children’s beds. 

Julia Krone surrounded by her colourful artwork in her studio gallery, Edinburgh

Around the walls of Julia Krone’s gallery is a distinctive range of original mixed media paintings and canvas prints in a bold choice of colour and design as well as a fabulous display of artistic fabrics and home interiors.

Purple Haze, Julia Krone

Another series is Purple Haze which is like a glorious burst of fireworks, sparklers and Catherine wheels in bright pink, coral, turquoise and kiwi green – a joyful expression with a real sense of humour.

Clarity VII, Julia Krone (Acrylic on board)

In cool contrast, Clarity VII focusses on the simplicity of shape – the yellow and icy blue pebbles on a backdrop of purple creates a pure, cool abstract pattern, reminiscent of the masterly artwork of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham and William Scott.

Likewise, Town & Country XIII is a mesmerising, meditative design in rainbow colours with a mishmash of half moons, circles, stripes, spirals and blocks with vivacious movement.

Town & Country, XIII Julia Krone (Mixed media on canvas)

Julia often depicts the world of nature in varying abstracted forms such as the translucent fluidity of water and the attractive floral pattern in Sea Garden, with an imaginative flurry and flourish of pink and coral petals.

Sea Garden I, Julia Krone (Mixed media on board)

Sea Garden I is also available as a Fine Art Print on canvas. There is also a tangible sense of the ebb and flow of water and waves across the tapestry of gestural marks in Squaring the Circle, which creates a light and lyrical expression of movement where bubbles of air appear to float off the canvas.

Squaring the Circle I, Julia Krone (Silk Screen Print with collage on paper)

These paintings capture an underlying narrative as if to depict memories of land and seascapes, akin to the abstract Action paintings by American artist, Joan Mitchell, who said:

My paintings repeat a feeling about Lake Michigan, or water, or fields… It’s more like a poem… and that’s what I want to paint.” Joan Mitchell (1925-1992)

The collection of work entitled Nice was inspired by a visit to the Matisse Museum in the South of France, features a block of overlaid strips in pastel shades like a finely crafted 3D collage.

Nice II, Julia Krone

Nice II above is a signed Fine Art Print on German Etch paper, available in various sizes. These stunning designs in particular would be fabulous as a versatile fabric for clothing and home interior furnishings.

The iconic Bloomsbury decorative arts created by Roger Fry, Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant at the Omega Workshop blurred the border between art, design, ceramics, home furnishings and fashion.

The painterly, interior design of Charleston Farmhouse with eclectic Bloomsbury vision

Their Bohemian style is still preserved at Charleston Farmhouse and a recurring influence on interior design today. Virginia Woolf once described her sister Vanessa as “A Poet in Colour.”

Julia Krone shares a similar but entirely original and contemporary aesthetic as an artist and textile designer, creating fabrics for art cushions and lampshades –  many of her bold patterns would be ideal too for pottery, silk scarves and accessories. 

Art Cushion with VV Rouleaux Tassels, Julia Krone

This is just a short overview of Julia’s exciting, fresh and imaginative art and design which radiates such energy through colour and dancing shapes as well as quiet, peaceful reflection.

Akin to Miro’s philosophy, the underlying poetic message depicts human emotion, spirituality and a zest for life.

For more information, to view the range of artwork and arrange a visit to the studio gallery:

Following a successful exhibition during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, August 2021, Julia Krone’s Gallery will continue to be open on Thursdays from 13:00-18:00 – just ring the doorbell, use Track & Trace and wear a mask.

A diverse range of original Paintings, as well as Fine Art Prints on canvas or on paper, decorative art cushions and lampshades. Fine Art Prints, free delivery in the UK.

Julia has had her work shown at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, featured in many private international art collections, and regularly promoted in Interior Design Magazines.

Dazzling, decorative artwork and interior designs for the home by Julia Krone

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