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Natural Gorgeous therapies inspired by the Sea

This is the third instalment of my exploration around the Gorgeous Therapies centre of beauty and wellbeing.  I have experienced the Hair Salon, the charming Hanna Cherrie’s Tea room and recently returned to have two face and body treatments.

Gorgeous Therapies  Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Gorgeous Therapies
Stockbridge, Edinburgh

A small team of specialist practitioners offer relaxing Homeopathic, health and beauty therapies, with the emphasis on organic skincare products.  Feel gorgeous from top to toe  with an Indian head massage, relieving stress and improves circulation, and Reflexology, the ancient art of soothing the feet to affect the body’s balance.

As I like to keep fit and youthful, with the aim to look 10 years younger, I selected a rather luxurious Thalgo Marine anti-ageing facial.  Thalgo is a world leader in Spa treatments based on scientific marine research and Thalassotherapy using natural sea water to assist with nourishing and hydrating the skin.

My therapist is Lynda Kennedy-Hawkes who specialises in Oceanus Therapies including Thalgo facials,  Reiki, Aromatherapy and Lava Shell massages.  Wrapped cosily under towels and a blanket, with a pillow under my knees, my face is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated.  Various creams and lotions – all based on natural algae – are applied, including a nourishing serum rich in minerals, protein and vitamins while hot flannels are gorgeously refreshing.

A mask, which feels like a thick paste, is smoothed over the face, and left on for about 20 minutes before being peeled off slowly like a thin rubbery layer of skin.  The result ?  A glowing, radiant complexion with a soft, delicate texture to the skin.

I also experience a detoxifying, holistic body massage using warmed Lava Shells. These natural tiger clam shells, from the Philippines, are activated with a saline product to create a natural heat.

Starting with the legs, arms, and then the back and shoulders,  Lynda applied a sweet scented oil and then massaged each part of the body, deep into the muscles with these smooth polished shells.  Heat is often used to benefit aches and pains and Lava Shells act to remove toxins, enhance blood flow, relax sore, stiff muscles and can be used to soothe arthritic joints.

These natural sea shells are an extremely effective, eco-friendly massage tool, described as creating “the warmth of the tropics in the palm of your hands.”

Experience a taste of the Tropics and other relaxing face and body treatments at

Treat your body with a therapeutic massage.

Treat your body with a therapeutic massage.