Experience PÄRLA PRO toothpaste tablets for the fresh, clean, ‘just been to the dentist’ feel and a brighter smile.

PÄRLA is a natural, high gloss whitening, ethically sourced, sustainably packaged range of British toothpaste tablets which are vegan, zero waste and plastic free and what’s more will help you ‘Get the Carrie Bradshaw gleaming white smile’. 

Did you know that over 3 billion plastic toothpaste tubes end up in landfill each year.?

PÄRLA (the Dutch for Pearl), is an eco-friendly solution to brushing our teeth –  toothpaste tablets as an effective alternative to toothpaste in a plastic tube.

Toothpaste should protect people’s smiles – without harming the environment.  Our plan is to radically transform what we use to clean our teeth. That’s why PÄRLA is different – a dehydrated toothpaste tablet in a reusable glass jar and completely plastic-free packaging’.

This was very much the basis of the 15 minute pitch given by two business partners on Dragon’s Den on 29th April 2021. 

The Dragons meet the Dentists to hear about PÄRLA toothpaste tablets

The popular BBC show which sees entrepreneurs and inventors present a unique business plan to a team of investors in a bid to secure financial support. In fact Dragon’s Den is back for the 19th series on BBC 1 this week from 6th January 2022.  

Dr Simon Chard and Dr. Rhona Eskaner on Dragon’s Den

In Episode 5 of Series 18, two dentists, Dr. Simon Chard and Dr. Rhona Eskaner put their idea for Pärla toothpaste tablets to the judges, asking for a £70,000 investment for 9%  equity. They claimed the tablets have the perfect dose of fluoride to prevent tooth decay.

After intense questioning to find out more about the ingredients and proven effect, Tej Lalvani offered all the money but in return wanted more than three times the nine per cent equity requested.  Deborah Meaden made the same offer as Tej then Deborah and Tej followed up by combining their offers for all the money and 15% equity each. Simon and Rhona suggested 20% equity, meaning 10% from each of them. However, neither of the Dragons could go lower than 30% and the offer was not accepted, citing the percentage equity the Dragons were after as too much.

‘I sincerely hope you take over the world with that, and I will be switching’

Deborah Meaden.

But the good news is that this innovative team of Dentists went ahead to launch these naturally whitening, ethically sourced, sustainably packaged PÄRLA Original toothpaste tabs.  Promoted on ITV’s This Morning and in magazines, by the summer of 2021 the media reported that “One pot of these sustainable, teeth-whitening toothpaste tablets sells every minute.”

So who are these entrepreneurial dentists.? 

Dr Rhona Eskander has been described as the ‘woman who is working ‘To change the health and wellness industries in the UK’. She is the only female dentist to win Best Young Dentist at the Private Dentistry awards in three years; Dr Simon Chard is an award winning, cosmetic dentist, a co-owner of Rothley Lodge Dental Practice and is a director on the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Board; Dr Adarsh Thanki is the owner of the Ace Dental Group of highly-skilled multidisciplinary dental surgeons using the latest technology.  

Following the Original formula, the new improved PÄRLA PRO is supercharged with teeth whitening, sensitivity-reducing and immunity-boosting powers. The professional-grade toothpaste tab is specifically formulated with advanced ingredients at the forefront of dental innovation. It remains totally vegan and zero waste, as well as cruelty-free, palm oil-free and SLS-free.

The foaming agent of conventional toothpaste is sodium lauryl sulfate which, according to some dentists, isn’t the best thing for teeth.“SLS can cause irritation in the form of ulcers and derived from palm oil it’s a huge environmental problem,” Dr Eskander.

Just as Skincare was revolutionised with the use of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C for moisturising and anti-ageing effect, Pärla Pro has the addition of hydroxyapatite as part of the new formula. “This mineral is a building block of natural enamel. It works by blocking all the open pores and smoothing the surface of the tooth, which – in tandem with our four signature stain-removing ingredients – adds a high-gloss, whitening shine.”

Time to switch from my usual toothpaste and pop a pill instead.  It does take a few days to get used to the rather strange sensation of crunching this little white tablet for a second or two before brushing your teeth for two minutes in the normal manner.  Immediately, you notice there is no frothing foam covering your mouth which means that you don’t spit out half way. This retains all the ingredients to work their magic on your teeth. 

It is extraordinary the deep cleaning effect of the tablet.  I think we all assume that the foam of toothpaste has a cleaning action, but then you rinse and spit out the foam containing the active ingredients.  Chewing the tablet ensures that all the essential minerals and fluoride coat the teeth and are absorbed into the gums, bloodstream and body – like a dental Vitamin pill for the mouth.  

I have frequently suffered from plaque which needs to scrubbed and scraped off by my dentist or hygienist every six months. What I noticed very quickly was the lack of plaque building up, such as between my lower front teeth. It really does give the “just been to the dentist” fresh, clean feel with a light peppermint taste.

For a truly white Hollywood smile, I think it would require more than crunching a tablet to achieve the results of a professional intensive, bleaching method.  But perhaps in due course, the stain removal ingredients would achieve a whiter, brighter smile  – like a shiny, white fresh-water Pearl.!

Get the Carrie Bradshaw smile with PÄRLA PRO!

Coincidentally, Carrie Bradshaw and friends are back on screen just now in the new series, “And Just Like That,” a decade older from SATC days but still with her perfect healthy teeth.

The facts and figures PÄRLA PRO at a glance:

The first toothpaste to support a healthy immune systemeach tablet contains at least 50% daily RDA of vitamin E (an antioxidant), B12 & selenium.      

Adds a high-gloss, whitening shine through the mineral hydroxyapatite.

Fights tooth decay with key ingredient, fluoride. 

Fights sensitivity with potassium citrate.

The natural and gentle foaming agent is sourced from coconuts.

No artificial flavourings – peppermint essential oils are used instead for minty freshness.

Four signature ingredients include kaolin and calcium carbonate to remove coffee, tea and red wine stains.

Packaged in a reusable glass jar which reduces the millions of toothpaste tubes that end up in landfill.

The only sustainable tooth decay-busting product that protects your smile as much as it does the planet.

Reviews by happy customers: 

I previously tried another brand of toothpaste tabs but the Parla Pro is less chalky and leaves my teeth and mouth feeling very clean. I’m a convert!

This is the only toothpaste tablet I have found for sensitive teeth and it works well

We trialled a jar of these great toothpaste tablets and loved them so much, we’ve just reordered on a four-month subscription basis.

I totally agree with these comments and after using PÄRLA PRO toothpaste tabs for a month or so, I am probably convinced that these are extremely effective for dental hygiene and health. Time to sort out a regular delivery to kick off 2022 with professional dental care at home and a whiter smile.

PÄRLA PRO is available from parlatoothpastetabs.com & boots.com and costs £8.00 a month on subscription.

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