Halo Drinks: Cool Cocktails on the Go for happy summer days at work and home

Halo Drinks is a hospitality company in London created by Ben Hodges and Christina Kimeze, providing a specialist bar service and mobile cocktail van for a range of bespoke drinks and cocktails for private parties, weddings and corporate events.  It’s an innovative and time saving concept, supplying premium batched cocktails in smartly designed bottles.  Just open, pour and serve.

During lockdown, Halo Drinks had the bright idea to adapt their business by offering a cocktail delivery service.  With pubs temporarily shut, how enticing to be able to sip a professionally shaken, ice cold Margarita in the isolated comfort of your home.

We would never have thought about ordering cocktails at home before this.”, says Ben, “We knew that if we were going to launch a business tailor made for the current situation, we needed to do it fast… that focus helped us.”

They found a kitchen in West Kensington to experiment, craft and create a menu of colourful cocktails, including Tommy’s Margarita, Rosé all Day, Negroni, White Port Paloma, Old Fashioned and Lemon Drop with the choice of 50cl and 70 cl bottles.

Summer cocktails from Halo Drinks

The motto is “Expertly prepared and perfectly balanced cocktails. Exceptional ingredients, uncompromising quality.”

In order to test this out, I was kindly sent a chunky bottle of Rosé all Day, which is a soft shade of pink blush with a Tiffany turquoise wrapper around the cork.

Ingredients: Provence Rosé wine, Rum, Rosé Liqueur, Cointreau, Pama Pomegranite Liqueur, Rhubarb Bitters, Lemon.

The serving measure given on the website says “Pour out 100ml and stir well over ice. Garnish with an orange twist”.  However, on the bottle, it suggests a 70ml measure, which seems a large enough shot, so I poured this into a champagne coupe with ice and a slice.

On the nose, there is a fragrant aroma which is also detected in the first taste, mellow, a touch of honey sweetness, with a rather nice after taste of ginger.   All the ingredients have certainly been well blended together, so much so that you don’t actually distinguish the individual flavours of the Rum and Cointreau, more of a jazzed up glass of Rosé wine.

Refreshing and fruity, this is a very light, gluggable summer drink as the ABV is just 17% – more of a  Rum punch than a cocktail with a hard kick.

 “Rosé all Day” a mellow, fruity rum punch.

The fragrance is certainly like a delicious perfume.  A best seller from Jo Malone is “Lime Basil and Mandarin” which is a superb, subtle blend of herbs and citrus fruit.   Likewise, “Rosé all Day” could also be produced as a candle and a cologne!

As these cocktails are made from “exceptional ingredients,” it would be most interesting to know the name of the Provencal vineyard, and the brands of Rum and liqueurs.   And just an idea – a warning note that it must be kept refrigerated is in tiny print on the back label, easily missed – a tag around the neck of the bottle would be better.

Now that we can invite friends to our homes in restricted numbers, a selection of refreshing summer cocktails, all ready muddled, shaken and ready to serve and sip can be ordered on line.

The very popular, White Port Paloma

The new normal for many people is still very much WFH so that after-office drinks are off limits and business currently conducted via Zoom, GoToMeeting and audio conferencing. Why not organise Team Drinks for colleagues and clients.  With customised bottle design and personal messages to showcase a brand or product, Halo can supply drinks for a virtual corporate hospitality event.

The wittily entitled, “Working from Home” is a heady concoction of bourbon, gin, bitter lime, and ginger ale.

“Working from Home” cocktail for Zoom events – after office hours

“Add some va va voom to your Zoom”

“Thanks so much for all your help with getting the drinks to everyone, the feedback was amazing. Everyone enjoyed it and we all had a drink over Zoom together ” Lucy – Marshmallow.

The cocktails were so well received – thank you! The Working From Home cocktail was absolutely delicious. And thank you for turning it around so quickly.” Lisa – BrandOpus

With large social gatherings postponed for birthday and family celebrations, you can also organise a virtual cocktail party for your friends and family.  Cheers!

Halo Drinks is partnered with The Duke of Hamilton pub, Hampstead, London.  If you live nearby, why not call in to sample these specialist cocktails.  This popular tavern opened in 1721 – so next year will be a fabulous celebration on its 300th birthday!  With rich cultural heritage, it’s the hub of the local community.

Halo Drinks are served at the Duke of Hamilton Pub, Hampstead

Celebrated for for their extraordinary ability to consume copious amounts of alcohol, as much as their acting skills, Richard Burton, Peter O’Toole and Oliver Reed were regulars here. I think these serious drinkers would have approved of Halo Cocktails.

Oliver Reed, Richard Burton, Peter O’Toole – boozing buddies

To find out more about the range of cocktails and bar service, delivering drinks for parties at home and hospitality events at work, take a look at the website.


And to entice you, the good news is that £1 per bottle sold is donated to a charitable cause. This month Halo Drinks has selected to support Black Lives Matter.

Tommy’s Margarita from Halo Drinks – get the party started!

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