The Winter Exhibition at the &Gallery, Edinburgh – a dazzling, decorative showcase of fine arts and crafts

This is a truly inspirational selection of paintings, drawings, glass and ceramics by twenty six artists who have previously showcased their work here.  The two adjoining rooms in this Georgian Townhouse, with its corniced, high ceiling, provide an elegant, spacious gallery.

This feature covers just a brief browse around this marvellous exhibition to highlight a few artists.

Anna Somerville graduated from ECA in 2000 winning the RSA Elizabeth Blackadder & John Houston Travel Award which took her on a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico.  Her captivating land and seascapes were described as akin to ‘Turner at his most fluid and some of the more abstract American Expressionists’. Colin Gleadall, The Power of Paint.

Winter Sunset, Anna Somerville

Vibrant shades of purple, orange and turquoise create an almost textured tapestry effect in Neon Dusk.  A less of an abstract approach in Winter Sunset, with the clarity of coral sky, wispy white  clouds above, perhaps, snowy hills and an indigo blue sea: a real dramatic sense of being there, outside in the open air.

Based at his Sea Loft studio in Kinghorn on the seashore of the Firth of the Forth, Michael Craik is a master of intricately crafted minimalist paintings on aluminium and wooden panels. His methodical, repetitive technique is a gradual application of acrylic paint, layer by layer to create a shining, shimmering sheen with soft, translucent glow, as seen in this pink tinted Veil 2018 (3).

Veil, 2018 3, Michael Craik

Other work by Michael Craik is also on show at the City Art Centre in ‘Beneath the Surface’, featuring nine contemporary artists based in Scotland. (16 November, 2019 to 1 March, 2020).

Specialising across the disciplines of ceramics, sculpture and painting, Rebecca Appleby is an experimental artist following a theme to explore the contrast between modern structures and nature in our urban landscape.

Coplaner 3, Rebecca Appelby

There is extraordinary energy and movement in Coplanar 3 with its criss-crossing, architectural blocks and grids with sweeping swirls of grey, black and orange. Also on display are her white tactile round mound sculptures, Morphology Fragments.

Simply beautiful ceramics too by Lorraine Robson, from her Precious series, “slipcast diamond polished white fired earthenware – as she says, I enjoy the meditative nature of allowing the form to evolve with handwork and imagination, using the most primitive and natural materials available: the earth itself.”

Precious series, – white fired earthenware Lorraine Robson

Her collection of delicate white bowls and vase shaped vessels, stand at a lopsided angle to decorative effect.

Jo Hummel’s intricate collage paintings are composed of asymmetric shapes, distorted diagonal lines, triangles, rectangles and wedges, as in Neverland and Night Owl. Tone and texture is based on a pared-down, distressed use of acrylic and flat matt with a bold colour and contour.

Night Owl, Jo Hummel

Jeffrey Cortland-Jones studied Fine Art in Cincinnati and now lives on a small farm in Southwestern Ohio. His medium is enamel on acrylic panel to create subtle shades of muted colour in simple geometric squares. Seawaves captures a soft blend of glossy grey and glistening green watery waves with Rothko-esque style.

Seawaves, Jeffrey Corland-Jones

Living and working on the Isle of Skye, Fiona Byrne-Sutton hand-crafts freestanding ceramic and crystocal plinth assemblages named The Angel’s Share. This is the term used for the small dram or two of whisky lost in evaporation in the cask barrel. The underlying narrative behind each piece is a clay sculptured interpretation of Italian Renaissance paintings and frescoes, such as Golden Gate (after Giotto). 

Angel’s Share, Fiona Byrne-Sutton

Inspired by Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 film, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ (played by 15 year old Olivia Hussey),  Elaine Speirs created group of figurative paintings entitled “Beautiful Regrets,’ on the theme of womanhood. With free-flowing brushstrokes, Last Kiss expresses an intimate scene of youthful innocence, the emotional vulnerability of first love.

Last Kiss, Elaine Speirs

You might also wish to see Elaine Speirs’ painting ‘Young Girl’ which is part of this year’s BP Portrait Award exhibition,  the most prestigious portrait competition in the world, now in its fortieth year.  The BP Portrait Award 2019 is on show at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh from 7 December, 2019 to 22 March, 2020.

Take a visit to the &Gallery soon to view this dazzling, decorative display of art and crafts across every genre.

Winter Exhibition at the &Gallery,

30 November to 21 December, 2019

3 Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6QG

The &Gallery, Winter Exhbition by a diverse collection of 26 Artists

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