Enchanting Vistas – an exhibition of classical city landmarks around Edinburgh by Jamie Primrose with contemporary vision.

Winter Skies over the City from Calton Hill, Jamie Primrose

This is a city of shifting light, of changing skies, of sudden vistas. A city so beautiful it breaks the heart again and again.”  Alexander McCall Smith

Jamie Primrose is certainly a prolific artist who presents two very different exhibitions at the Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh each year, usually in early summer and late Autumn.  City, land and seascapes have taken us over the past fifteen years or so on a journey to South America, Highlands and Islands of Scotland, the sundrenched Italian and French Rivieras and waterways of Venice. But most of all his artistic heart remains firmly in his home town of Edinburgh.

Welcome to Enchanting Vistas at the Dundas Street Gallery

This showcase of paintings and drawings, Enchanting Vistas, presents fifty five of his favourite scenes from distinctive viewpoints – Calton Hill, Arthur’s Seat, Grassmarket and the Mound. The theme clearly reflects the sheer beauty of Edinburgh’s unchanging sense of history and architectural heritage.

The Scottish capital represents a strong element … and it is firmly ingrained in my psyche. I am continually drawn to capturing a timeless view of the majestic city ..” Jamie Primrose

Sunset Skyline over Edinburgh, Jamie Primrose

Here you can experience the shifting times of day from dawn to dusk with a series of Turner-esque sunsets – wild streaks of coral and salmon-pink tinted skies with a rosy glow bursting on the horizon: “Sunset skyline over Edinburgh” showing off its architectural splendour and “Winter skies over the city from Calton Hill” are majestic views to portray the shimmering, shapely silhouette of the Castle and tall, elegant church spires.

Ephemeral Skies, Jamie Primrose

With an impressionistic sweep of the paintbrush and grey-blue colour palette, “Ephemeral Skies” is a spectacular panorama, the sharp streaks of white light creating an almost surreal picture of mesmerising, heavenly beauty.

J.M.W. Turner was also captivated by this skyline from Calton Hill as depicted in a misty light a century ago in 1819.

Edinburgh from Calton Hill, J.M.W. Turner, 1819

While the Meadows and Inverleith Park have often been recurring subject, this is the first time Primrose has painted Princes Street Gardens with the Ross Fountain, Scott Monument and the avenue of trees.  This tranquil green space is captured in the early morning with shafts of pale sun glistening on the autumn leaves and lawn, dominated by the towering presence of Castle Rock.

Early Morning Light in Princes Street Gardens, Jamie Primrose

The craggy, grassy mound of Arthur’s Seat offers a rural getaway from the buzz of city life, seen here in “Late Afternoon over Dunsapie Loch” and “Enchanting Vista, Late Light over St. Margaret’s Loch”, where the water dapples under the fading light, with feathery clouds fleeting across the sky. This is the signature work in the exhibiton.

Enchanting Vista – Last Light over St. Margaret’s Loch, Jamie Primrose

The famous Raeburn painting of Reverend Robert Wilson, the Skating Minister” on Duddingston Loch comes to mind – you almost expect to see him appearing in a ghostly image in the shadows.

Rev. Walker skating on Duddingston Loch, Henry Raeburn

The colourful, curving, cobbled Victoria Street leading from George IV Bridge to the Grassmarket is a visitor attraction for antiques, books, cheese, whisky, tailored tweed and pubs.  In various paintings, the empty street is viewed at night, the sweeping row of shops glowing under a dark indigo sky.

Winter Lights looking up Victoria Street, Jamie Primrose

An unusual and perfect viewpoint is from the Terrace at the National Museum of Scotland, offering a marvellous perspective over the city with the vast expanse of blue and gold sky – enchanting vistas indeed.

Late Afternoon Shadows from the Museum Terrace, Jamie Primrose

From the University’s Old College to the Grassmarket, Royal Mile to Pentland Hills, there is a tangible atmospheric sense of place – both in the oil paintings in soft subtle colours as well as a series of black and white sketches in Indian ink on paper.  “Late Afternoon on the Mound”  depicts the turrets of the Assembly Hall and gracious design of Ramsay Garden. The draughtsmanship of the architecture is brilliantly composed with such fine lines and painterly precision.

Late Afternoon on the Mound, Jamie Primrose

Timeless views of the city indeed in this impressive focus on the World Heritage grandeur of the Old and New Towns – iconic, classical landmarks as portrayed by Raeburn and Turner, revisited with fresh, contemporary vision.

Enchanting Vistas by Jamie Primrose

Dundas Street Gallery, 6a Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ

Friday 8th November to Saturday 16th November, 2019

Monday to Friday, 11am-6pm. Saturday, 11am-5pm.

For more information and contact details:


Private Commissions are also welcome – perhaps a favourite landscape or your own street. (expect a waiting list they are so popular)  Limited Edition Prints and Black Indian Ink original drawings are available too – the  ideal Christmas present for family, friends and your home.

Autumnal Morning in Princes Street Gardens, Jamie Primrose

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