Lanzarote Retreats come to the rescue of stranded Thomas Cook travellers with a warm-hearted spirit of hospitality

Thomas Cook World Tours, founded 1841

The much loved holiday firm Thomas Cook, was founded in 1841, starting with a successful one-day summertime rail excursion for just a shilling per person travelling from Leicester to Loughborough. From these humble beginnings launched a whole new kind of tour company, devoted to helping Britons see the world.

The tragic news of the company’s sudden collapse, ceasing trading today has now required the urgent repatriation of Thomas Cook customers – the largest to be organised in peacetime.  More than 150,000 British and around 400,000 international travellers on vacation around the world are now seriously affected by unpaid hotel bills and cancellation of return flights.

Thomas Cook plane, Arrecife, Lanzarote

It was therefore most heartening to hear that ‘Lanzarote Resorts’ immediately rallied around to assist all stranded travellers.  This is the welcoming message they sent out this morning, Monday 23rd September, 2019.

 All available accommodation will be gifted to any families left stranded in Lanzarote by the collapse of Thomas Cook.  We are happy to provide our services and all available accommodation to any visitors, free of charge, who have been left stranded as a direct result of Thomas Cook no longer trading.

In addition, once Lanzarote Retreats has no further availability, we will try and help by contacting other providers here to do the same for anyone we cannot accommodate. “

Launched in the mid 1980s by Michelle and Tila Braddock, ‘Lanzarote Retreats’ is now a well established family business. Their son Joshua has the marvellous dual role of General Manager and Surfing Instructor!.

Villa, Lanzarote Retreats

There’s an enticing choice of holiday accommodation with well designed  villas, cottages, apartments, and their innovative Eco Village “Finca De Arrieta”  is a model for sustainable, responsible tourism.

Ocean View Penthouse, Lanzarote Retreats

Staying in environmentally-friendly yurts, cabins, cottages and surf shacks sounds like the perfect getaway, just a stroll away from the beach. The Braddock family and staff can certainly assure a truly personal service with their local knowledge to plan a relaxing break, outdoor sporting adventures or tours around the island.

Eco Surf Yurt, Lanzarote Retreats

Following the news about Thomas Cook, Michelle Braddock, explains why ‘Lanzarote Retreats’ immediately wanted to help visitors and the future of the island’s tourism industry.

” This is a devastating blow to the tourism sector in Lanzarote and we feel it is vital that the entire sector rallies here to ensure the minimum damage to the reputation of Lanzarote as a favourite destination for family holidays. As a trailblazer in eco holidays our ethos has always been based around the welfare of our island, its inhabitants and especially the environment on which we all depend.

 If we cannot extend this to visiting guests then what would that say about us?!”

Compared to the usual tight-fisted, profits-first, capitalist, corporate attitude of many airlines, hotels and travel companies, their warm-hearted hospitality and generosity of spirit is to be applauded.

A winter sun trip to the Canary Islands would be perfect when you can expect mild temperatures of around 20 – 23°C and the eastern island of Lanzarote is warm year round with the best surfing between July and mid-December!

To plan your visit to Lanzarote Retreats, take a look here:

The Centaur, a beach sculpture, is their symbolic protector of Finca de Arrieta




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