Scottish Juniper Festival: 12 – 14 June, 2015 to celebrate World Gin Day – Cheers!

world gin dayWorld Gin Day was founded by Neil Houston, aka YetAnotherGin in 2009. It started off as a day to bring his friends together to drink gin and has grown into a global celebration.

In 2013 Emma Stokes, aka Gin Monkey took over the reigns.

The concept is simple: arrange a party to enjoy a few sparkling gins together. with events happening all over the world. A day for everyone to celebrate the fresh tasting summer spirit.

“When life gives you lemons, make a Gin and Tonic.!” 

Gin-TonicWorld Gin Day is Saturday 13th June, 2015. ( )

In Edinburgh,  head up to Summerhall on the Meadows for the Scottish Juniper Festival to celebrate the wonderful world of gins and World Gin Day.

juniper festivalMartin Duffy is the brainchild behind this fizzing fun event, with the encouragement of Geraldine Coates the lady behind, who suggested that Summerhall would be ideal place.   Last year the inaugural Festival was attended by around 800 people, and this weekend promises to be much bigger and better  ..

This year we have been able to use almost double the space to feature more Gin companies. Gin has always been a British classic but the gin scene is really thriving at the moment with so many new flavours and serves being championed by international, UK and Scottish gin brands. Over three days the festival showcases a variety of these extraordinary gins through engaging talks and mixology sessions.”   Martin Duffy

How may Gin brands do you know ?

At the Festival you will have the opportunity to sample a few of these  … No.3 Gin, Shetland, Brokers, Bloom, Martin Miller’s, Brockman’s, Crossbill, Daffy’s , Minus 33, Darnley’s View & Spiced, Burleigh’s, Edinburgh Gin and Rock Rose…

The botanicals which create Rock Rose ..

The botanicals which create Rock Rose ..

………. and also Eden Mills, Opihr, Hendrick’s, Blackwood’s, Ish, Pickering’s, Strathearn  … just add ice and a slice with a splash of tonic!

cucumber-and-hendricksEdinburgh Gin has created  a new summertime Gin in time for World Gin Day this weekend – Seaside Gin.  It features seaweed, scurvy grass and ground ivy, all the botanicals sourced from the coastline of white sand beaches and rocky coves around Edinburgh and East Lothian.   Serve with sparkling tonic or as a Seaside Martini with a platter of fresh seafood – the perfect ice-cold drink for a beach picnic or barbecue.

The new Seaside Edinburgh Gin for summer days

The new Seaside Edinburgh Gin for summer days

There are sure to be Gins you have never had the chance to taste ….for example, from the United States – Aviation and Death’s Door, or a sassy, spicy French gin, Saffron By Gabriel Boudier and brands from across the UK, Holland, Scandinavia, Spain and Ireland.

Visitors can also tour Pickering’s gin distillery which is based at Summerhall – the award winning Edinburgh brand.


Listen to a talk on Cocktails by Mike McGinty from The Blackbird in Summerhall’s 100 year old Anatomy Lecture Theatre.

The vast range of gins today has also created speciality tonics to match the different flavours of the spirit. The “Challenge of the Tonics” is an event with staff from 56 North Gin bar offering the audience a tasting session of five gin and tonics – Fever-Tree, Fentiman’s, 1724 , and the new Scottish tonic, Walter Gregors.

walter tonicThe same gin will be used each time to test the difference tonic can make to taste.  56 North offers over 200 varieties of gin, the largest choice in any bar in Scotland.

Also at the Scottish Juniper Festival you can browse around a Boutique showcasing fashion and crafts by local designers.  Pick up a bite to eat from the Street food vendors, visit the G&T bar within the Courtyard and an enticing Cocktail bar.

After having the chance to taste a few different, distinctive gins,  visit the Gin Shop to take a bottle or two of your favourite brand home.

Happy World Gin Day – Cheers!

Tickets are £21.50 with a choice of sessions over the weekend:-

Friday 12th June, 17.00 – 21.30
Saturday 13th June, 12.00 -16.30
Saturday 13th June, 17.30 – 22.00
Sunday 14th June, 12.30 – 17.30 – see Events

Facebook /ScottishJuniperFestival

gin and tonic keep calm

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