Beyond – Poppy Cyster: a vibrant, vivacious vision of land and sea at Flaubert Gallery, Edinburgh

This is Poppy Cyster’s first Solo exhibition at Flaubert Gallery,  although an occasional sample of her work has been included in mixed shows over recent years.

The vibrantly warm palette of her paintings brings a sense of early Spring to the spacious gallery, from 7 – 19th March, 2014.

Sharing the Sunset

Sharing the Sunset

Poppy is a fine abstract landscape artist, her work  inspired originally by the farm fields and coastline of the Kingdom of Fife where she was born and brought up.

It was here that she enjoyed the exciting experience of flying in an aircraft with her father, a Pilot, observing scenic views from 2,000 feet above the ground.  Her precisely patterned images depict the aerial views and sky high photographs of the landscape.

In this new collection of paintings, entitled Beyond, there are several series on a similar theme such as Summer Shores – charming small canvases illustrating white clouds with a splash of sea-blue.

Summer Shores

Summer Shores

Another group is Saunter in the Salt Air,  brilliantly brash colourful scenes with streaks of lemon yellow and splashes of golden sand.  The viewer is immediately drawn into this virtual place, as if walking along the beach with the artist.  You can almost smell the fresh salty air. 

Saunter in the salt air

Saunter in the salt air

Cyster uses an ingenious artistic style which combines both constrained block shapes but also oozes energy and free flowing colour.  Every landscape captures the horizon in a different manner, where some pictures illustrate a huge, spreading expanse of cloudy sky or alternatively it’s the earth, perhaps distant hills or towering cliffs, which take prominence.

Colliding with the Coast

Colliding with the Coast

Chasing Shadows brings a more dramatic mood to a coastal viewpoint through shafts of rainbow ribbons,  painterly textures and tones of shifting light.  Elsewhere there are dark thunderous clouds, silvery mist and streaks of rain –  the ever-changing geography of land and weather. 

To complement the exterior outdoors, the exhibition also shows a few of her Still Life pieces,  quiet, interior domestic images of wine glasses or vase of flowers, again tackled in a semi abstract style.

Table Top Rain Drops

Table Top Rain Drops

From pale sunrise to stormy days, Poppy Cyster illustrates her unique aerial perspective of the gentle countryside and wild seascapes with an imaginative eye.   These distinctive,  dynamically structured landscapes in turn make us view the world in a fresh light. 

As she describes her approach to art in her own words …

“ I pay tribute to the multiple layers in the landscape, many of which cannot be seen from below yet have added their mark over the centuries …. somehow adding to the history of the piece.  I like to paint in snapshots …  as they add a spontaneous element to the compositions.”  

Flaubert Gallery, 74 St. Stephen Street, Edinburgh EH3 5 AQ

t. 0131 225 5007.

Shades of the Shore

Shades of the Shore

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