Keep Fit with Miranda Hart

Fans of the hilarious antics of TV comedienne Miranda Hart,  are in for a treat as her new DVD is released in time for your post- Festive season diets and a keep fit regime for New Year.

Maracattack with Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart’s Maracattack is an authentic fitness routine which skilfully combines exercise and Miranda’s zany and unique style of comedy.  First, a medical health warning  – this is a serious exercise programme in which you take part in your own home.

Miranda Hart is the first to admit that she is rather too tall, slightly socially awkward, ungainly, often clumsy and loves to eat.  She also cannot abide any form of exercise and the starting point in the DVD is a series of amusing sketches illustrating how physical fitness is not her favourite leisure activity.

We observe her confronting a personal trainer at 6.30am, visiting a gym (with snacks to keep her going), jogging in a park and throwing herself into an Army Boot camp.

Having given up on all this as well as Yoga and Zumba classes she has decided to devise her own unconventional fitness regime involving shaking a pair of Maracas to classic pop tunes with intensive floor exercises.

As Miranda explains “Maracattack is based on one key concept. Fun. Fitness should be fun.  Funness. It’s about playing, not working out.  There is no need to dread the gym anymore.”

“Get off your sofa!”  Miranda screams at the viewer to get the session started.  Actually, I simply sat on my sofa watching the fun and games (but may try it properly later…).

The setting is Miranda’s flat, all pretty pink and turquoise decor,  with a fruit bowl on the coffee table.  Her preferred fruit? A large mountain of Chocolate Oranges!.

Miranda and Kirstie make their own Maracas

Miranda and Kirstie make their own Maracas

Before we can start getting fit, we need a pair of Maracas.  Enter Kirstie Alsopp (described as a cross between the Queen and a Blue Peter presenter), who attempts to help Miranda create home made “papier mache and balloon” Maracas – with hilarious slapstick results.

Another guest is Patricia Hodge who tries in vain to teach her the principles of healthy nutrition.  Miranda has some crazy ideas about food which does not count – eating on a plane (too high up), birthday cake (calorie free as it’s someone else’s cake), and snacking while cooking (but it’s a pre-meal!).

The Exercise programme then begins in earnest with the professional assistance of fitness expert Amelia Watts (size zero, toned and healthy).  Towering over her is Miranda, dressed in a pink T shirt with the slogan Chic, Chic, Chic across her ample bosom.

Keeping fit in the company of Miranda will certainly make you laugh – which is exactly her point.  It’s all about “funness”.  Cue Abba music and start shaking those Maracas for an energetic cardio session to work those legs and bums!.

It’s SO Miranda

 “Instead of looking at it as an exercise DVD,  I took more notice of the music – I was still exercising but having a laugh at the same time. As for making me fitter I actually lost 2lbs after making no changes except doing the whole DVD twice.”  Beach Babe, Amazon review.

Miranda Hart Maracattack.  BBC Worldwide Ltd.  DVD  rrp £ 19.99. 

Miranda puts Holly and Phil through their paces

Miranda puts Holly and Phil through their paces

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